Blackhawk Gallery Opening

Leah with gallery selections:
Upper Left: Shield
Lower Left: City of Light
Upper Right: Prophetess
Lower Right: Going Home II

Solar Boat

Solar Boat
Acrylic and Ink
24" x 30"
Blackhawk Gallery Artist Choice Award

Events & Awards

Blackhawk Gallery, Danville, California • Art on The Lane, Danville, California • The High Desert Museum Art and Design Exhibit • Watercolor Society of Oregon, Fifth Place Award • Aqueous Media Traveling Exhibit - International Society of Experimental Artists Exhibit • Recognition Award at Mirror Pond Gallery's Natural Abstractions exhibit, Bend, Oregon • Sixth Annual Watercolor and Pastel Show, Bend, Oregon

World Egg

48 x 48

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The important thing in abstract painting is to stand aside and let the image create its own place.  Of course it is also important for the artist to bring what she can in the way of knowledge and skills to the process.  But for the artist to think that she knows is not so much an error as a formula for producing art that is predictable, based on something in the past and pleasing only to those who turn away from seeing the journey that higher images have traveled in order to finally arrive home